In 1983, Cheri Russell kickstarted Antiquing We Go with a humble brochure featuring just three Missouri towns. Her innovative vision was simple but profound: to create a guide that would lead antique lovers to the welcoming doors of quaint shops across different towns, eliminating the need for endless driving or asking for directions.

Over the decades, our brochure has evolved to become an essential guide for antiquers. It not only includes vital information like shop names, addresses, contact numbers, operational hours, and Facebook page links, but it also provides insights into the size of the shops and the unique treasures they house. With an annual print and distribution of over 50,000 copies, we aim to bring antique shops and seekers closer together.

Fast forward to 2023, and we’re proudly celebrating our 40th anniversary! Our aspiration remains the same: to help you uncover hidden treasures, indulge your antique addiction, and create unforgettable memories.

Your feedback is crucial to us. Remember, every shop listed here pays to be included, and your appreciation assures them their investment is worthwhile. So, don’t hesitate to share your love for this guide and the joy it brings to your antiquing adventures with all the shop owners.

To learn more about our enduring journey and the purpose behind our treasured brochure, click here. Here’s to another 40 years of antique hunting with Antiquing We Go!

Cheri Russell - Owner

Hello and welcome to Antiquing We Go! I’m Cheri Russell, a passionate antique enthusiast and the proud owner of a Missouri Century Farm in Ozark, where my family has resided since 1824.

My love for antiquing knows no bounds. So much so that every Christmas Eve, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary, my husband, children, their families, and I uphold a cherished tradition. We set off on an antiquing adventure, hunting for those special last-minute gifts. For me, there’s no such thing as too much old stuff!

There’s something incredibly magical about finding items that trigger a flood of fond memories. Remember your childhood toy, grandma’s quilt, your cherished rocker, a handful of marbles, or perhaps an old toy train or doll you once adored? It’s such items that I seek out as gifts, treasures that rekindle those precious moments from the past.

And oh, do I have the fever! If you’re in the van with me and we pass by an antique shop or flea market, be prepared! My heart races, and excitement takes over – I simply can’t wait to step inside and see what awaits.

My husband, Mike, and I are not just enthusiasts; we are also practitioners of the craft. We run The Wicker Fixer & Chair Re-Caner, a service listed in the Antiquing We Go brochure. As both the publisher and an advertiser in the brochure, I have a vested interest in ensuring its wide distribution.

My four children have grown up embracing the antique lifestyle. They’ve spent years exploring antique shops, attending flea markets, and assisting with the brochure. After 40 years of immersing themselves in this wonderful world, antiquing has become more than just a hobby; it’s a family legacy.

So, welcome to our world. Let’s explore with Antiquing We Go!